Regenerative ~ Pasture Farm

Our Core Values Are Soil Health, Land Regeneration,
Maintaining an Exeptional Standard of Animal

Welfare and Producing a Top Quality, Nutrient
Dense Product for the People of the Kootenays.

How Do We Farm at Ki Mana Acres?

Here at Ki Mana Acres we raise all of our animals on pasture spring-autumn and consistently rotate our livestock in
a way that benefits the soil and allows it enough time to rest, recover and regrow. We know this method of farming
drastically improves the soil health, fertility and results in exceptional animal well-being.
Our Promise ~ Top quality products, from animals raised in a regenerative, sustainable system.

Local Food Is Easy!

Top Quality
 Pasture Raised Protiens

We Raise Angus Beef, Premium Pork, Free
Range - Pasture Eggs and Seasonal
Lettuce Mix.
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